APC Team Experience

Marine construction projects are generally riddled with unique challenges and unusual circumstances. At Associated Pacific Constructors, Inc. we are well aware that experience is integral to efficiently overcoming such obstacles.  That is why we are so proud of the decades of experience we have accumulated on the water.

APC team members’ marine construction experience covers the waterfront with an array of project types. Below are some examples of projects that our team members have been a part of.

Subsea Pipeline Completion & Tie-in

Location: Offshore, Trinidad

Description: Installation of subsea manifold, pipe spools & support frames, and other subsea construction tasks tying together three offshore platforms and linking them to shore facilities.

Offshore Petroleum Unloading Facility

Location: Old Harbour, Jamaica

Description: Installation of offshore plem and flexible hoses to 20″ concrete coated steel pipeline.

Railroad Bridge Demolition

Location: Houston, Texas

Description: Demolition and removal of railroad bridge and abutments.

HDPE Pipeline

Location: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Description: Assembly and storage of 54″ HDPE pipeline with concrete weights prior to installation in a prepared trench in the Atlantic Ocean.

Pipeline Scour Protection

Location: Houston, Texas

Description: Underwater placement of 2′ thick concrete articulating mats over 5.5 acres on the Houston Ship Channel.