Inspection Projects

APC Project Portfolio

Associated Pacific Constructors, Inc. has successfully planned, managed, and implemented construction and inspection projects ranging widely in scope as well as location. Whether they are onshore, offshore or nearshore, construction or inspection projects; we likely have done something similar and can efficiently make your projects successful. Here are some of APC’s more recent accomplishments.

Monterey Outfall Inspection

This live boating project involved diver inspection and maintenance of 171 diffuser ports and 129 check valves on a wastewater outfall in Monterey, CA. Diving to depths of 108′ was required along with the use of specialized video equipment to record sediment measurements within the interior of the piping. Performed for the Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency.

Platform Grace Inspection of Structural Integrity

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The project was a comprehensive underwater inspection conducted to the requirements of API RP 2A Section 15 using Remotely Operated Vehicle for visual and CP survey; and surface supplied air and mixed gas divers performing 237 non-destructive examinations (NDE) on 109 inspection sites. Diving operations were conducted to -318 FSW.

Rincon Island Causeway Inspections

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Developed and performed detailed underwater and surface ASCE Level I, II, III inspection of 115 steel piles, pile caps, stringers, and decking. The inspection was integrated into a comprehensive structural analysis and recommended maintenance program, which was submitted to California State Lands Commission.
This perennial contract involves inspections, repairs, and marine growth removal from the Rincon Island causeway for Greka Energy in Carpinteria, CA.

El Segundo Annual Tanker Berth Mooring Overhaul & Loading Hose Testing

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APC carries out the annual offshore marine terminal overhaul and testing of three oil tanker berths. This is an evergreen contract employing APC’s equipment, personnel and expertise to service this offshore terminal for Chevron in El Segundo, CA.

Venoco Annual Tanker Berth Mooring Overhaul & Loading Hose Testing

Associated Pacific regularly performs this annual marine terminal overhaul which includes refurbishing of steel buoy mooring systems, hydrostatic testing of tanker loading hoses and a subsea petroleum pipeline, and cathodic potential testing. Inspection findings and overhaul activities are compiled into an overhaul report which is submitted to the California State Lands Commission.

Pismo Pier Structural Inspection and Assessment

core sample thumb-1242758673304pismo hydralift fp-1242758596581
APC teamed with Shoreline Engineering to perform a structural inspection and assessment in accordance with the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Standard Practices Manual for Underwater Investigations. This project involved the analysis and structural assessment of individual members both above and below water on the Pismo Pier in California.