Nearshore Projects

APC Project Portfolio

Associated Pacific Constructors, Inc. has successfully planned, managed, and implemented construction and inspection projects ranging widely in scope as well as location. Whether they are onshore, offshore or nearshore, construction or inspection projects; we likely have done something similar and can efficiently make your projects successful. Here are some of APC’s more recent accomplishments.

Vandenberg AFB Dredging, September 2014

This project mobilization had logistical and time sensitive planning requirements as the site is on a government installation. Resource planning and execution was key to the successful completion of dredging approximately 6,000 Cubic Yards of sediment.

Vandenberg 200 x 150              Vandenberg 2 200 x 150

Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve – Bulkhead, Dock & Gangway

Completed project - Thumb-1308265850956Bulkhead Sheets & Dredge - Thumb-1308265319278
This 100% Design-Build project, performed for California Department of Fish & Game in Newport Harbor, required the design and construction of new docks, gangway, and steel sheet pile bulkhead. Work included the demolition of an existing dock and gangway system, dredging 990 CY of material for offshore disposal, and installation of a new aluminum framed floating dock and gangway system. Additionally, work included the demolition of an existing steel sheet pile bulkhead and the design & construction of a new 90 LF coated steel sheet pile bulkhead with 1″ DCP threaded rod tiebacks and a concrete cap. Work was performed at an active Fish and Game facility, requiring strict environmental monitoring.

Rhine Channel Wharf Repairs & Public Dock

Dock Completed Thumb-1308268599154Wharf Completed Thumb-1308268580078
This two phase project, performed for the City of Newport Beach, required repairs to an existing public loading wharf as well as the design & construction of a new public dock system. Wharf repairs included demolition of the existing wharf down to the bearing piles, concrete restoration of the bearing piles and adjacent bulkhead, and reconstruction of the wharf’s timber structure. The wharf’s concrete approach apron was also removed and replaced. The new public dock involved design and construction of a pile supported concrete landing platform as well as an 8’x100′ floating dock and guide piles with an 80′ ADA compliant gangway.

Cachuma Lake Boat Launch Ramp Construction

pour 12-17-t-1228497701440PA090397-t-1228497655540
This project required the demolition and removal of existing structures and subsequent earthwork, underwater placement of quarry rock base and installation of cast-in-place concrete boat ramps along with installation of water drainage system and other appurtenances.

Heritage Yacht Sales Dock Piling

clam & pile thumb-1308329124733Extraction thumb-1308329104173
In this project, Associated Pacific subcontracted to Swift Slip Dock & Pier Builders to remove existing concrete guide piling and install eleven new 18″ square guide piles through a riprap revetment. The prime contract on this project involved the replacement of an 8-slip floating dock at Heritage Yacht Sales in Alamitos Bay, CA.

Cove St. Seawall Repair

Seawall Sacking Thumb-1308333661195Pour Thumb-1308333640057
In this project, Associated Pacific subcontracted to Mark A. Falcone, General Building Contractor to provide repairs to a residential seawall on Newport Harbor. Work included installation of a steel soldier pile and timber lag shoring wall, demolition of the coping on the existing seawall, and installation of a new 4′ tall concrete seawall cap. The new seawall cap was tied back to a new concrete deaman wall by the use of 1″ diameter DCP threaded rods.

Dana Point Harbor Launch Ramp Renovation

Rotation of P1010250-t-1228497994858cleanup-t-1228497977409
Project included removal and replacement of concrete boat launch ramp approximately 220ft wide, 150ft long including u/w installation, 3 boarding float systems and underground utilities. Work carried out under strict compliance with agency requirements including producing and administering a SWPPP.

Santa Cruz Harbor Launch Ramp Renovation

sky 021-t-1228501346096santa cruz thumb-1234379578800
Project required demolition of existing launch ramp facility. Construction of a new steel pile supported concrete boat ramp and associated floating docks.

Newport Harbor Patrol & Coast Guard Bulkhead Replacement

Sheet Thumb-1280965950743Dredge Thumb-1280965960975
This project, performed for Orange County Parks in Newport Harbor, involved the demolition of an existing floating dock, dredging 1,200 CY, and installation of a new timber dock system. Work also involved installation of 180 LF of new sheet pile bulkhead, using 36″ diameter concrete filled steel deadman cans drilled to a depth of 40′. All work was performed at an active USCG & Harbor Patrol joint facility – requiring coordination with various agencies as well as strict environmental compliance.

Concrete Pile Erosion Mitigation Structure

project photos 012-t-1228501511255project photos 007-t-1228501480960
Project involved demolition of the existing sheet pile wall containing an onshore decommissioned well site. Drilling and installing a wide flange and concrete pile lagging structure to withstand surf and beach erosion was required for Veneco in Carpinteria, CA.

Port Hueneme Pier Pile Replacement

Hueneme Pier-t-1229467332796
This project required 56 timber piles to be removed and replaced. Piles were 60-70 ft in length and required jetting and driving to reach design depth. The piles were subsequently tied back into existing timber caps and stringers to complete the repair.

Balboa Marina Renovation

This project involved the demolition and disposal of existing dock facilities, followed by installation of 66 round concrete piles. Fourteen and sixteen inch diameter piles were 35′ – 38′ in length and driven to an average penetration of 20′. All work was conducted under close supervision of government agencies and was in compliance of environmental regulations. Mitigation efforts included assembly of a 7,000 sf eel grass habitiat constructed of driven sheet piles.

Giovanni’s Fish Market Dock Installation

Dock thumb-1263856252287
This project required driving steel pipe pile sleeves over existing timber fender piles. Subsequently, APC assembled and installed a new timber and composite floating dock system with 140′ long main walk and four 40′ long fingers in Morro Bay, CA.

Balboa Pier Emergency Repair

Associated Pacific performed an emergency repair on the Balboa Pier for the City of Newport Beach. This involved replacing broken cross bracing, repairning damaged pile caps, and driving new timber piles.