Offshore Projects

APC Project Portfolio

Associated Pacific Constructors, Inc. has successfully planned, managed, and implemented construction and inspection projects ranging widely in scope as well as location. Whether they are onshore, offshore or nearshore, construction or inspection projects; we likely have done something similar and can efficiently make your projects successful. Here are some of APC’s more recent accomplishments.

AIMS Offshore Naval Installation

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APC performed all marine operations in this project for the U.S. Navy, located offshore Imperial Beach, CA. APC’s contributions included support of Horizontal Directional Drilling from shore to a punch-through location approximately 3,200 ft. offshore. HDPE conduit was subequently pulled through this HDD, followed by a fiber optic cable pull through the conduit. This cable was laid and buried an additional 3,000 ft. beyond the HDD conduit to a location 6,200 ft. offshore. The fiber optic cable terminated at a range of eight 21″ diameter fiberglass piles driven by APC in 55 feet of seawater. APC divers affixed hydrophones and magnetometers to these piles and subsequently tied these electronic packages to the fiber optic cable – ultimately tying an offshore electronic intallation to shore facilities.

SCE Mandalay Decommissioning

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This project involved the planning, permitting and decommissioning of the tanker berth facilities and subsea pipeline at the former SCE Mandalay Generating Station. Approximately 4,950 feet of 24-inch diameter undersea fuel oil pipeline, two onshore reinforced concrete vaults, one onshore anode well, and one onshore wastewater disposal pipeline were decommissioned.

Pipeline Spool Replacement for Chevron in Guatemala

This project involved the design and implementation of a subsea pipeline repair for an 8″ fuel loading pipeline. Fabrication of a spool piece was required along with fabrication and hydro testing of the line offshore San Jose, Guatemala.

COJO Marine Terminal Decommissioning

This project required APC to develop a work plan and carry out the recovery of approximately 3200ft of offshore loading line for Unocal. This required strict adherence to permit regulations and marine mammal monitoring guidelines. The pipeline was required to be hydro tested, flushed and removed from a sensitive rock and kelp environment. Project completed successfully without incidents, on budget and time in Santa Barbara County, CA.

Platform Hogan Power Cable Repair

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This project involved providing a barge, diving crews, and project management on a fast track basis to remove 2,500 ft of 3 1/2″ three conductor power cable. Splicing, laying, and reburial of the new cable to a depth of one meter below the seafloor was required. All work was conducted under strict compliance with state and federal permitting agencies for Pacific Offshore Operators, LLC offshore Ventura, CA.

Susan Diane Vessel Salvage

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Project involved recovery of a sunken Fishing Vessel which sank dockside, Morro Bay, CA. Work included up righting, floating and patching the hull for complete salvage. Derrick barge and diving operations were required.

Pipeline 182 decommissioning

This project involved the planning, permitting and decommissioning of approximately 18,000 feet of subsea and terrestrial steel pipeline, a reinforced concrete vault and other facilities in the environmentally sensitive areas of the Suisun Bay, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.