Onshore Projects

APC Project Portfolio

Associated Pacific Constructors, Inc. has successfully planned, managed, and implemented construction and inspection projects ranging widely in scope as well as location. Whether they are onshore, offshore or nearshore, construction or inspection projects; we likely have done something similar and can efficiently make your projects successful. Here are some of APC’s more recent accomplishments.

Monterey Beach Hotel Seawall Renovation

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This project involved demolition of sections of existing seawall, insertion of helical anchors and whalers, driving sheet piles, and a cast in place concrete cap to form a new seawall, resistant to surf erosion.

Valle Verde Sheet Pile Wall

VV Pile-t-1228502042048Valle Verde Pile Driving, Etc. 017-t-1228502005306
The construction of this retaining wall required installation of over 180 feet of 40 foot sheet piles including a full tieback system. This structure was created to protect a retirement community from further encroachment of a nearby eroding riverbank. All work was completed in compliance with the environmental requirements of the City of Santa Barbara.

Pismo Promenade

Pismo Pier-t-1228502151818DSC_0165-t-1228502132363
This project required the heavy timber construction of the Pismo Beach Promenade, including installation of 32 piles, caps, and stringers for the City of Pismo Beach in California.

Cayucos Sewer

This project involved the installation of a steel pipeline used to transfer sewage under a stream. APC was also responsible for the construction of concrete vaults to facilitate the stream crossing.

Sycamore East Meadows

Project required the installation of 24,626 lf of 12” bearing pile for new guest house and entertainment complex. Project involved strict compliance with environmental restrictions. APC supplied all personnel, equipment, material, and project management.

Santa Rosa Creek Rd.

santa rosa 2 thumb-1234373423180santa rosa 1 thumb-1234373342547
This project was an emergency repair of Santa Rosa Creek Rd. after the road washed out due to storm flooding. Repair work included the placement of 5 to 10 ton stones along Santa Rosa Creek in San Luis Obispo County, CA.

Laguna Beach Stairs

APC was general contractor building this prized set of stairs for beach access for the City of Laguna Beach. Project involved demolition of existing stairs along with construction of an intricate set of stairs including a utility room, a shower, and decorative stone veneer.